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Time to Renew for the 2018-2019 Term!

Hello Residents!

It's that time of year again when we need to know if you would like to renew your lease with us for another year.  We love being your property manager and we appreciate all of our tenants.  We would like the opportunity to continue providing honest, quality, and timely service to you and the property itself.  Over the last year we have had properties sell, update, and we've added a few to our portfolio.  If you would like to renew, great!  We would love that.  If you intend on moving and you are staying in the area, look at what else we have to offer.  Please give us a call at 785-537-0205 either way and we can update our records and start touring.



Carson Property Management

Time to Renew for 2017-2018 Term

Hello Residents!

First, we would like to thank all of you whom have leased with us this year.  We truly hope that you experience with Carson Property Management has been positive.  As always, we would love to be your landlord for the 2017-2018 term.  If you are happy with your premises, please don’t hesitate to renew with us for another year. The deadline before your property “goes on the market” is February 1, 2017.  This applies to everyone.  We always sign new leases, not renewal forms.  When you are ready, please call us at (785) 537-0205.

If your housing needs have changed and you would like to know what other properties we have to offer, please call and we can go over what your needs are and hopefully we have an available property that can meet them.


John Carson