Resident Policies

  1. Rent is due BY the first of the month not AT the first of the month. Any tenants paying rent after the 3rd of the month will be charged a $35 late fee. See your lease for further information and exceptions.
  2. Any tenant that pays rent with a bad check or if the check is returned to us in any way, a $35 charge will be assessed. Furthermore, after the first bad check, that tenant must repay the amount due in cash, cashiers check, or money order. No future personal checks from that tenant will be accepted.
  3. Tenants must not engage or allow their guests to engage in any activity that disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of other tenants and their apartments. This means no loud music, no running up and down the common stairwell, no slamming of doors, etc. Be mindful of the other tenants.
  4. Carson Property Management enforces a “3 STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT!” policy meaning the first offense is a warning, the second offense is a fine, and any further offenses will result in eviction. This policy applies to tenants who constantly have complaints filed against them. Assessing each complaint and issuing a warning/fine/eviction is at the discretion of Carson Property Management.
  5. Carson Property Management has an “open door” policy. We encourage tenants to talk to us about their concerns whether it is used to file a complaint against another tenant, to file a complaint about the building, to explain why they cannot pay rent at the first of the month, or to explain the behavior that resulted in a warning/fine/eviction. We feel it is always best to foster openness and communication whenever possible.
  6. Tenants are responsible for light bulbs and batteries for the smoke/CO detectors.
  7. Tenants who do not notify the office of their pet will feel the full weight of fines, charges, and possible eviction. Therefore, do not try to sneak a pet into your apartment.
  8. It is up to the tenant to provide Carson Property Management with a current phone number and email address. At the end of your lease, you must provide a forwarding address in order to receive a deposit refund.

Privacy Policy

We at Carson Property Management recognize your concerns about the privacy of your personal information. We are committed to ensuring that the information you give to us is kept in strictest confidence, therefore, we have adopted the following policy regarding how the information you share with Carson Property Management is used and maintained:

  • Carson Property Management does not sell or share the personal information you give to us with any other entity for the purpose of marketing their products or services to you.
  • We may share information with other entities that assist us in providing our products and services to our clients in the normal course of business. We will disclose only the minimum amount of information necessary for us to offer our products or services to you.
  • We do not allow those who are doing business on our behalf to use our customer information for their own marketing purposes.
  • We restrict access to the information you give to us to those of our employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you.  We at Carson Property Management are diligent in our efforts to keep the information you give to us confidential. Confidentiality is one of our main responsibilities in our continuing efforts to provide you with services and keep your trust.

Copyright Policy

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